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Getting Started with iPhone


Step 1

Place your controller on a stable surface anywhere between a height of 2 ft.-6 ft. (0.6m-1.8m).

Step 2

Connect the controller to a power source via provided micro USB power supply. Important: Use provided power adapter! Completely clear the area between you and the controller. Recommended Play Space: 6.5ft (2m) from controller. Once connected to power source, Controller boots in about 30 seconds. When the controller is ready to use, right LED glows yellow.

Step 3

Currently, there is the different connection procedure for iOS users - you need to connect to VicoVR via WiFi.

In your phone settings: select WiFi hotspot VicoVR-xxxxxx (use password "vicovico").

Step 4

To see list of supported games for iOS click here.

Step 5

Once the game is downloaded:

  • start the game
  • insert your phone in a headset
  • follow the instructions of the game