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Privacy policy


VicoVR controller offers easy ways to control your apps with your gestures. We prioritize your privacy and know that protecting your personal data is very important. VicoVR controller contains RGB and depth cameras, WiFi and Bluetooth communication modules. VicoVR is not stand alone device and does not have any controls. It cannot connect directly to Internet.

The only purpose of WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity of VicoVR is communication with official VicoVR app, installed on host device. When disconnected from power supply VicoVR is completely turned off.

When connected to power supply it boots in about 30 seconds and can be paired with Mobile host device (Android or iOS) via official VicoVR app.

VicoVR controller has internal processing unit with body tracking software that provide NUI capabilities.

After pairing with host device VicoVR controller makes the following tracking data available to VicoVR app:

  • User pixel masks, unlimited @ 30fps
  • 3D coordinates of up to 19 skeletal joints for user, two user max @ 30fps
  • Hand pointers (3D), Gestures (first open, closed, swipes)
  • Raw depth map 640*480 (VGA) 16bit @ 30fps
  • RGB stream.

When connected to power supply VicoVR can be in two states:

  • IDLE. When no VicoVR app is running on host device internal processing unit is in idle mode.
  • ACTIVE. When VicoVR compatible app is running on host device internal processing unit is in active mode

VicoVR has two lights on front panel with the following meaning:

Official VicoVR app makes processed tracking data from controller available to VicoVR compatible apps that you can install on your host device. VicoVR Data transmission of this data from controller to host device happens only when VicoVR compatible app is running on host device.

When you closed all VicoVR compatible apps on connected host device VicoVR enters idle mode and its cameras are switch off.

Internal firmware of VicoVR does not have capability to recognize people.

VicoVR controller and official VicoVR app never records, stores tracking or raw data from VicoVR cameras.