What is VicoVR?

VicoVR sensor is a game changing Bluetooth accessory that brings wireless Kinect-like motion tracking capability to Android and iOS ecosystems - without a PC, wires, or wearable sensors!

When wirelessly paired with Mobile VR headsets such as Samsung Gear VR or Google Cardboard, VicoVR allows you to see your full body in Virtual Reality.

When wirelessly paired with the new generation of gaming platforms such as AndroidTV, AppleTV, or an Android game console, VicoVR enhances mobile gaming with familiar Kinect-like body tracking.

Is VicoVR sensor similar to Kinect?

Yes and no. VicoVR sensor is similar to Kinect as it uses similar bundle of depth sensing technology and the body tracking SDK (middleware). The key difference is VicoVR Sensor’s embedded processing capability. Unlike Kinect SDK, which requires xBox or Windows PC for middleware processing, our proprietary middleware is executed inside sensor on embedded processing unit. Processing results such as real time user skeletal tracking data and gestures are sent then by Bluetooth to any compatible host device.

By offloading heavy image processing tasks from the host CPU, VicoVR Sensor makes full featured 3D motion control available on any Bluetooth enabled device. You can think of VicoVR Sensor as a new type of Bluetooth peripheral, which is especially perfect for emerging Mobile VR applications requiring full body tracking and gesture control.

Who develops applications for VicoVR Sensor?

We already have several Android developers creating applications and demos for VicoVR using free SDK.

A lot of games is currently available for VicoVR. ​You can find them here.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using VicoVR Sensor versus Kinect?

No doubt that Kinect ecosystem is much more mature. At the same time consumers and developers will be enjoying three main advantages of VicoVR Sensor:

  • Wireless setup - can be easily paired to myriads of Android and iOS devices
  • Lower cost of ownership of full solution, no PC or operating system license is required
  • Lower power consumption.

When VicoVR Sensor will be available?

VicoVR Sensor will be available in 1Q2017.

What does VicoVR Sensor provide for Mobile VR?

VicoVR Sensor, as a new kind of Bluetooth peripheral, provides three key features to Mobile VR:

  • HMD/Cardboard location tracking for 6DoF applications
  • Full body skeletal tracking
  • UI control by gestures

What tracking data does VicoVR Sensor send wirelessly to Android/iOS host device?

VicoVR middleware works on embedded processing unit inside VicoVR Sensor.

Current version of VicoVR middleware wirelessly sends the following tracking data to Android/iOS host device or HMD/Cardboard:

  • Full body skeletal tracking data (30 fps, 17 skeletal joints, 2 users max)
  • User segmentation (for unlimited number of user)
  • Basic Gestures

Do you provide SDK?

Yes, we provide Unity plugin and C++ API.

Is SDK OpenNi compatible?


Is PC required?

No PC is required. You need VicoVR Sensor and any Bluetooth enabled host device such as Android HMD, AppleTV, Android TV, or Android game console.

Can it be paired with iOS devices?

Yes, VicoVR is an officially certified by Apple Bluetooth accessory (MFi certification), iphone and AppleTV.

What is the latency of tracking?

Latency of skeletal tracking is about 15 ms, latency of wireless transfer is about 6.5 ms in average.

Is any privacy issues with using VicoVR?

We prioritize your privacy and know that protecting it is very important. Please read VicoVR Privacy Policy at http://vicovr.com/docs/privacy_policy.pdf